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Hasty Bake HB250 PRO
Price: $599.00
Availability: IN STOCK
Hasty Bake Smokers Item #: HBHB250PRO -

The HB:250 Pro is the go-to Hasty Bake for competition steak cookers. Designed in partnership with several world championship competitors in the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA), the HB:250 is extremely versatile, with precision intake and exhaust vents, a two-position firebox (7" or 4.5" from cooking grate), and a slide-in heat deflector that gives you the ability to sear on one side and bake your steak to perfection on the other. It comes equipped with a carry handle and latch for convenient...

Hasty Bake Ranger 380
Price: $899.00
Availability: IN STOCK
Hasty Bake Smokers Item #: HBR380 -

Everyone needs a Hasty Bake Ranger! It's perfect for tailgating and portable enough to toss in your truck, RV, or boat. It also offers the same unique features of our other full-size grills: you can grill, bake, or smoke on your Ranger!

Hasty Bake Suburban 414
Price: $999.00
Availability: Out of Stock
Hasty Bake Smokers Item #: HBS414 -

Known as the "mini-work horse" of the Hasty Bake product line, the Suburban features the look and style of the Legacy. This unit has been reduced in size to cater to singles, young families, mature households or anyone with limited patio space. It smokes, bakes or grills and can handle everything for a family dinner.