Jealous Devil

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*Item does not ship, local Pick-Up Only*Chunx XL is the new styling for our current flagship charcoal: a super-size, ultra-premium lump crafted from one of the densest hardwoods on the planet and specially carbonized to remove impurities. The result? Hotter, longer, and cleaner burns without bitter smoke or excessive ash. Grilled veggies? Slow-smoked brisket? Chunx XL offers superior heat, lump size, performance and flavor no matter what’s on the menu. ...

Maxx XL Briquettes - 10 LB Bag
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Maxxx elevates the BBQ briquet to a bigger, better fuel. Maxxx briquets contain no fillers, chemicals, or toxic mystery ingredients that produce bitter smoke and mountains of ash. So what is in them? The same incredibly dense hardwood we use to make our lump charcoal – plus a pinch of plant-derived starch (that is it – Yes, really). We compress it into the biggest pillow briq on the market for the longest burn time on the market – and put it in a cool waterproof resealable bag. 100% natural...

Jax BBQ Pellets
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Wood pellet blend. Contains cherry, maple, and hickory hardwood. Features low-ash content and contains no fillers, chemicals, or binders. Comes in an innovative, weather-resistant box with custom, resealable pour spout. Optimized for pellet smokers to provide a longer and cleaner burn. Quality and consistency guaranteed. Exceed PFI standards. Cherry, maple and hickory hardwoodLow-ash contentNo fillers, chemicals or bindersInnovative, weather-resistant box with custom, resealable pour...